Younger brother arranged games for his parents to repay the debt

My younger brother is 25 years old, in the last 5 years, the total debt he has reported to his family is nearly one billion. In college, I started to owe 5, 10 million. My parents' wrong thing was from that moment on the debt they paid.

The way you report debt also makes me crazy. Up to now, she did not directly tell her family that she was owed but left home for a few days, the creditor came to my house to claim it, after confirming with her, my parents immediately paid. I also knew he shook hands with his car-buddy friend, then my friend came home and told me he borrowed the car and then plugged in, asked my parents to pay for the car, and the money from my house would be divided in half. . It is true that "piggybacking on a chicken" that shook hands with friends to cheat money their parents.

Then the debt increased day by day, to 200 million dong, my parents let me go to work abroad, one was to work to pay off the debt, and the other was to keep away from the neighbors' playboy team. However, after going to work abroad, the money I sent back was not enough for the money to go (5,000 USD). Back home, I work as a worker, work 12 hours a day, and pay around VND 9-10 million / month, also known as how hard it is to make money. Yet I reported on hundreds of millions of debt as if not.

Just Tet last year, she reported a debt of 70 million, my father said everything, he promised the type, then he also paid for. 3 months later, I again reported 300 million debt, this time my father did not pay me debt. For a few days, my father softened, wanting to repay his debt. The reason is that I asked to go back to work abroad illegally, because I did not know which country I would go to, they only promised to go one year to pay off all the debts and work related to the casino. My parents loved them, afraid we would lose them, so we offered to repay them.

Talking about my family, my parents do farming, their income does not depend on rice but on seedlings. Although they do not count them as well-off, they are also enough to eat enough to eat. From childhood to adulthood, my parents always let my sisters and brothers equal friends. From the day I reported the debt, my parents struggled harder and had to do more to pay my debt, yet I didn't know how to love my parents. A year ago, my house was located in the planning area so my parents did not have any garden to do. Parents have more than one billion compensation, I hope they let the money deposited in the bank, take monthly interest to spend on living, as a pension. If you keep paying me like this, the mountain will be gone. Parents are almost 60 years old, old, and have no strength to do the same again.

In addition to the debt report, she is not insolent, talks softly, politely, likes to play with children, whenever I bring her children to play, she often plays with her. With my gentleness and courtesy, every time my parents believe I will stop, I will get disappointed every time. I know, it's hard for me to stand in the position of my parents. If my family had no money, no debt to pay for the child, this way, if there was money, they would not pay it, and if there was any fate, my parents would not be happy. Nearly a billion of them reported that they did not even say what they owe for, who they owe, the debt is not clear, only the paper I wrote for myself is owed to Mr. A and Mr. B how much money, but to the I can't write that much on that paper.

Honestly, I just hope that my father won't pay me back, and the creditors sued my brother, sent him to prison for a few years, at that time, when he got up, he loved his parents. I wonder if this is considered cold-blooded. I also don't know if your claim to go to the labor market on an illegal basis is real or fake, or maybe it's just a plan of "shaking the tree to scare the monkey" you think of to force your parents to pay. Please readers for advice.