Not leaving until drunk

I like to drink and like to drink people. The people I drink often are those who speak straight, not around the Three Kingdoms. They also quickly make decisions at work. They love life and love people so I love them.

But more than ever, I feel the need to talk about alcohol and how to drink it in society today.

My schedule for last month's business trip: Friday morning, I was giving a speech about the Law on Prevention and Control of Alcohol and Beer Harm on the National Assembly forum, on Friday afternoon to Son La Hospital for professional assistance. That morning, I said that if the law is passed when there are too many lengthy provisions, which are not suitable as submitted by the Government, the effectiveness will be low, because they are not consistent with the reality of "phong movement "alcohol is rising very high in Vietnam. In the evening, that fact was proved most vividly by the Son La brothers. Arriving at the hotel room, I could not find the light switch.

The consumption of alcohol has been associated with life for a long time, probably since humans were still "eating feathers in the hole". Who among us does not have an unforgettable memory of a reunion but always accompanied by glasses of wine, beer?

But the current wine culture in my country, I give up. Drink day, night drink, drink for any reason, sad, happy, not sad or unhappy also drink, drink whenever meeting, your friend's birthday ... And especially to get drunk . Not leaving until drunk. Say is the proof of "true affection", is "true love".

Because of that culture, many people don't say "see you again" but "just sit (drink) together?". And perhaps because of that culture, most officials today are good at drinking. Do not know how to drink with the "instrument" tray.

Needless to say the consequences of drinking alcohol, because the press reminds every day, how many people die, how many people are injured, just how many broken hearts are not exhaustive statistics. As a doctor, I cannot tell all the tragic accidents that I have encountered in my work.

With our volunteer medical convoy, two late-afternoon afternoons, two drunk young men rushed in. The first one five years ago in Muong Lat, Thanh Hoa claimed a human life. The second incident happened just last Saturday, when our delegation left Phieng Luong, Bac Me and Ha Giang communes. Fortunately, the young man did not die, but he could not raise his head to cheer the victory of the Vietnamese team. As for our convoy, it was only 6 in the morning until we got to the capital.

It is this "Made in Vietnam" drinking culture that worsens the image of enjoying a very elegant wine recorded by the poetry. When it comes to drinking, the women jumped about knowing that they would have to pick up a smelly one near morning. We didn't drink alcohol but we drank wine, enjoyed it.

Therefore, there is no law that can immediately reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages in Vietnam during this period. The most simple, inexpensive and effective solution is that the Government should soon issue a decree regulating the management of alcohol with clear and detailed prohibitions. The decree banning firecrackers or the decree to wear helmets was successful that way.

More specifically, this decree should clarify the behaviors of alcohol users, at the following points:

The first is the age at which you are allowed to buy alcohol and drink alcohol. The Government has issued Decree 40 on the production and trading of alcohol, which prohibits the sale of alcohol to people under 18. We also have sanctions for violations of regulations on trading in alcohol, in which anyone selling alcohol to a person under the age of 18 may be subject to a warning or a fine of between VND 500,000 and 1,000,000. . But the problem is that those sanctions are not enforced. Therefore, banning and penalizing those who sell or drink alcohol together with minors should be added. In many cases, they are the main actor.

Secondly, localizing products with high alcohol content that are widely sold in supermarkets, shops, restaurants, hotels ... Where special permits are allowed to sell alcohol with alcohol content. high.

Thirdly, publish the list of places where alcohol and alcohol cannot be sold or used, such as schools, offices, hospitals, religious places, etc., and effective measures to supervise and impose penalties. these violations. Thailand has done this very well.

Modifying the alcohol culture in our country cannot be done only with words. People have shouted "stop drinking alcohol" for many years, but the effect is surely as we can see. It is necessary to legislate behaviors with alcohol, but it is not easy to make it effective and sustainable, does not waste social resources.

Please quote my favorite poem by Oh Khayyam (1040 - 1112), the great Iranian philosopher and mathematician to conclude this article.

"Alcohol is prohibited only for stupid people
not with smart and educated people
Drinking is needed if you know that you are
Who to drink, when, some cups ... "

Nguyen Lan Hieu