Golden generation

In me, there are three golden generations of young Vietnamese football. The first generation consisted of Huynh Duc, Huu Thang and Hong Son before. The second is Cong Vinh, Minh Phuong, Huu Thang and Tai Em, later added Van Quyen and Quoc Vuong.

And now the children of Cong Phuong, Que Ngoc Hai, Quang Hai, Duy Manh, Dinh Trong, Van Duc ... This is a generation of players who can make football aroused and loved by the audience.

For me, the talent of labor and hard work is valuable, but quality is the most important thing. The quality of this player's age is reflected in respect for the emotions of the audience, through the acts on the pitch and in personal life.

The first recognition is expressed in faith. The whole country fans are very trusting and this class of players, and especially have never once posed a negative problem for them. This is very important. Because of believing in the clarity of the players, people do not have doubts when they win or lose like they used to. I personally feel that the children have played their best and kept a very serious attitude with the color of the shirt, playing very responsibly to the country and the audience. Even when they lost to Korea, the public accepted it cheerfully, without questioning the behavior.

The second expression is the play and the collective spirit of the team. We have a very strong defensive line, the offensive line has many goals and a fairly diverse gameplay. They always play their best and have players who are loved by the audience like Quang Hai and Cong Phuong.

The third is in the quality of the players. The national team has an equal quality. They understand the value of personal image, keep a clean brand in public and fans right from home, in public and on the field.

Why do I emphasize this idea? I dare not hold my chopsticks. But we have to be fair with each other that there are past matches that make fans feel angry and ashamed. There are cases where players lose their own team, make mistakes in the penalty area, hit their own players to be punished ... I have also been many times surprised and discontented because my players have a bad way of playing. , not to make the audience excited but also to make them sad. Of course, we don't always have enough evidence to convince anyone. But in football there are situations that are difficult to measure, as we say, "One takes ten, and one thinks ten."

It was the semi-finals of the 2004 National Cup on Vinh and Song Lam rocks against the Army Club. A month earlier, Song Lam defeated Army 8-1 at a time when the Army was almost exhausted and relegated. But, in this match, when there are only a few minutes to end the game, the score is 1-1, the goalkeeper hit the opponent with a hand within 16 meters 50, was sent off and penalized. At that time we were all out of substitution, so the Ugandan midfielder volunteered to be the goalkeeper. Goals scored, we lost 2-1.

I met the team right on the pitch that the game was not over. "Do you guys feel ashamed?", I exasperated, "We should have been kicking on the pitch and sitting here doing a self-criticism of unjustified mistakes." I should have won the championship when I was at my best, kicking at home, the home crowd, all the favorable factors but in the end I only received the bronze medal. The player broke and I was forced to criticize them. At that time, I was so sad and frustrated.

I asked, "Why do I have to fight my opponent to lose myself? Do I have to beat people? Do you have any ideas?".

Although the children also apologized, promising this and that, I could not find the final answer for the players' confusing behavior. Only later, when I look at some phenomena, do I understand that there are players who can be negative. For example, the case of Mr. Truong in Ninh Binh found negative in their team, police investigated. Nine players of Ninh Binh team had to go to court but the most sad thing was that Truong had to "surrender", asking the Union to dissolve the team itself.

It's not good to say it again, but it's one of the bloody lessons with Vietnamese football for us to wake up and remind each other. By one repeat, it will pull us very far away from the civilized football that we have been waiting for.

That is why I am happy because we are having a generation of very professional football players and especially happy that they all have a good sense of clean image. The grandchildren are more mature than the older generation, who respect the emotions of the audience, cultivate the trust of the public, play their best and be responsible for the colors of the country.

It shows that we are on the right track for football training. The right teaching makes them have the right mindset and the right behavior. Because of the right mindset, you also respect your employer and the public, because you are grateful to those who have trained you to not do silly things like before.

For several decades as my coach, I have always pursued the value of player morality. I have a habit that I have just shared with VnExpress readers. I always had a team activity before the game, reminding the players that: You guys have to play really well because first of all it is good for your brand, there are better contracts, better money. to help the family and for the future, and especially to be loved by everyone. Second, please treasure your money, know how to save money to support yourself and your family in the future. As a player, there must be fierce competition but fairness in terms of expertise and talent, placing yourself in a worthy position in public.

There are players who have acquired it, but there are still players who received a transfer of tens of billion and quickly lost it because of betting on football. Some are still in debt, complained about by the public about behaving in public. Some children went out at night that made us impatient, had to wait at the gate until 3-4 am. I am worried and remind the children, the life of such a player will get down very quickly, later it is difficult to sign a good contract. And it is true, there are talents I am not convenient to mention the name, went into the footsteps of the fall.

It is not natural that Vietnam has generations of golden players. Firstly, the players themselves are aware of how Vietnamese audiences love football and they are responsible for that emotion. Second, it is thanks to the team leaders, the bosses, who lead the Park Hang-seo spirit. For me, because my children were separated from their family very early, their adults were like their parents. Educating children about the profession is also important but the personality education.

We are grateful to the people behind the players and wish them for our children, for Vietnamese football and the true fans to continue to train good players who are both talented and qualified. good. I also hope you will lead the next generation of Vietnamese football.

Nguyen Thanh Vinh