My mother excitedly told the story of how she recently joined the neighborhood culture club. Every day the members of the club are allowed to sit on the multi-frequency therapy machine to help improve the bones and health. This device is given by a private business for free. I am very happy, because in addition to sending my children to school, she often stays at home, rarely takes part in exchange and training activities with other people.

At the end of the last month, I came home from business, had just put my backpack down, and my daughter ran out a little: "Daddy, grandmother bought a new rice cooker. She said the old pot was burnt by my father so she bought it This pot, just 15 minutes is cooked rice. " I felt a bit strange but did not ask anymore. Incidentally, the maid told her that she had joined the club for a long time, and was called "mother" by the employee of the other company, confided to the difficult family, had disabled children, ... In addition to supporting tools using high frequency free, she invited you to buy other products

The rice cooker my mother bought from the "poor" worker was a Chinese-made pot, priced at 1,050,000 VND. I looked online, this product sold 680,000 VND. In addition, my mother also bought her two packages "Longevity immortality" for more than one million. This is a pack of herbs and some oriental medicine, introduced as a "100% natural herb" ingredient. Uses indicated on its shell, I have not seen in any product: cancer prevention, cure incurable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, support the treatment of tumors, brain tumors, tumors uterine fibroids, benign prostatic hyperplasia, stomach tumors, lung tumors, kidney tumors and some other types of tumor, blood pressure balance, prevention of kidney failure, stomach and colon diseases. Many uses, but the packaging has absolutely no information about the company's address, product licenses and safety and hygiene certificates.

I tried searching the internet, there was no official information about the company that sold the product, and the herbal production company had stopped working since 2011.

The amount of VND 510,000 is a ridiculous price for a package of leaves with unknown ingredients. My mother told her that every day, she consulted with the elderly, many "club members" bought products from the other company. I learned that the company is organizing many "clubs" in different places in Hanoi city, each club has a few dozen members on average. I was startled because this phenomenon is happening very popular not only in big cities but also in provinces like Phu Tho, Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue ... right away in front of public authorities. Many clubs hire cultural houses, commune health stations to operate. The general formula is that they invite the elderly, veterans ... to join the free day trips and donate some basic health care equipment, then skillfully introduce and sell products. Poor quality products, unknown origin with heavenly prices.

At the end of this year, counterfeiting and shoddy goods were rampant again, like every year. In fact, not only at the end of the year, but it has been going on for years, in many forms. The problem is not because we lack the rules to handle the problem.

Article 10, Decree 43, issued in 2017 on goods labels, stipulates that "contents required to be displayed on goods labels" include: names and addresses of organizations and individuals responsible for goods. goods, origin of goods, contents of properties of each type of goods. Article 8, Clause 2, Law on Protection of consumers' rights in 2010 also states that consumers "are provided with accurate and complete information about organizations and individuals trading goods and services; transaction of goods and services; origin and origin of goods; provision of invoices, documents, documents related to transactions and other necessary information about goods and services purchased by consumers. , use".

"Organizations and individuals trading in goods and / or services that deceive or confuse consumers through advertising or hiding activities, providing incomplete, false and inaccurate information" are acts vi is prohibited. The Ministry of Industry and Trade is responsible before the Government for performing the state management of consumer rights protection. The People's Committees at all levels perform the state management of the protection of consumers' interests in their localities.

"Information asymmetry" is a concept that was born in the 1970s, bringing the Nobel Prize in Economics to its three authors: George Akerlof, Michael Spence and Joseph Stiglitz. Term used to describe the parties involved in a transaction that do not know the same information about the value or quality of the goods traded. As a result, the deal price is pushed too low or too high. Information asymmetry causes adverse choices for one party, or moral risks, fraudulent phenomena. It could also be spreading rumors that harm others, and also false information in the media.

Gentle old people, including my mother, were in a similar situation. Manufacturers and distributors have ignored the laws of labeling, product information and quality standards for sales with ambiguity and disobedience, intentionally creating buyers' misinformation.

The solution to end the information asymmetry, according to the theory above, is to make up for the missing information from the parties, including the imposition of legal sanctions. But here, the enforcement of market supervision and management sanctions by the Industry and Trade sector, market managers, local officials and people's committees at all levels have not been filled. Especially for groups of people who are light-hearted and have little social interference, they are often in the position of information asymmetry.

Looking forward to a "month of action" this year round?

Dao Quang Minh