Husband tormented about love 16 years ago

I am 45 years old, running a small company; husband over 2 years old, is the general manager of a large corporation. Recently, I find out and know her husband similarly, tormented about the past love affair.

My wife and I have been married for 12 years, having 2 daughters, the first one is 12 years old because I was pregnant before I got married. I heard briefly about his past love, then know that love was formed about 16 years ago. When I was young, my husband was an engineer in a construction project in a central province. She was 10 years younger than my husband, very beautiful, good-natured and gentle. For some reason, she left him, and after a few years, he got to know me and he was in love with me.

Now he frantically searches for her on every channel, social network. I know they met again. My husband still treats me well, except that he is always pensive, silent, fulfilling his role and obligations. I love my husband very much and feel confused about my family's happiness. Please give your advice.

Chi tiết

Younger brother arranged games for his parents to repay the debt

My younger brother is 25 years old, in the last 5 years, the total debt he has reported to his family is nearly one billion. In college, I started to owe 5, 10 million. My parents' wrong thing was from that moment on the debt they paid.

The way you report debt also makes me crazy. Up to now, she did not directly tell her family that she was owed but left home for a few days, the creditor came to my house to claim it, after confirming with her, my parents immediately paid. I also knew he shook hands with his car-buddy friend, then my friend came home and told me he borrowed the car and then plugged in, asked my parents to pay for the car, and the money from my house would be divided in half. . It is true that "piggybacking on a chicken" that shook hands with friends to cheat money their parents.

Then the debt increased day by day, to 200 million dong, my parents let me go to work abroad, one was to work to pay off the debt, and the other was to keep away from the neighbors' playboy team. However, after going to work abroad, the money I sent back was not enough for the money to go (5,000 USD). Back home, I work as a worker, work 12 hours a day, and pay around VND 9-10 million / month, also known as how hard it is to make money. Yet I reported on hundreds of millions of debt as if not.

Just Tet last year, she reported a debt of 70 million, my father said everything, he promised the type, then he also paid for. 3 months later, I again reported 300 million debt, this time my father did not pay me debt. For a few days, my father softened, wanting to repay his debt. The reason is that I asked to go back to work abroad illegally, because I did not know which country I would go to, they only promised to go one year to pay off all the debts and work related to the casino. My parents loved them, afraid we would lose them, so we offered to repay them.

Talking about my family, my parents do farming, their income does not depend on rice but on seedlings. Although they do not count them as well-off, they are also enough to eat enough to eat. From childhood to adulthood, my parents always let my sisters and brothers equal friends. From the day I reported the debt, my parents struggled harder and had to do more to pay my debt, yet I didn't know how to love my parents. A year ago, my house was located in the planning area so my parents did not have any garden to do. Parents have more than one billion compensation, I hope they let the money deposited in the bank, take monthly interest to spend on living, as a pension. If you keep paying me like this, the mountain will be gone. Parents are almost 60 years old, old, and have no strength to do the same again.

In addition to the debt report, she is not insolent, talks softly, politely, likes to play with children, whenever I bring her children to play, she often plays with her. With my gentleness and courtesy, every time my parents believe I will stop, I will get disappointed every time. I know, it's hard for me to stand in the position of my parents. If my family had no money, no debt to pay for the child, this way, if there was money, they would not pay it, and if there was any fate, my parents would not be happy. Nearly a billion of them reported that they did not even say what they owe for, who they owe, the debt is not clear, only the paper I wrote for myself is owed to Mr. A and Mr. B how much money, but to the I can't write that much on that paper.

Honestly, I just hope that my father won't pay me back, and the creditors sued my brother, sent him to prison for a few years, at that time, when he got up, he loved his parents. I wonder if this is considered cold-blooded. I also don't know if your claim to go to the labor market on an illegal basis is real or fake, or maybe it's just a plan of "shaking the tree to scare the monkey" you think of to force your parents to pay. Please readers for advice.

Chi tiết

Chaos value

My last experience in Hanoi was frightened. When I returned to the hotel late at night and prepared to cross the beautiful Ly Thai To street, dozens of motorcycles suddenly appeared, roaring in a crazy and very deadly race. It is a "game" that one car is chased by all the other cars around the city at a very high speed.

I have witnessed many such ridiculous races living in Hanoi before 2010, but this time the "game" seems more wild. To my amazement, the riders now include young girls, two on a motorbike, behaving dangerously like boys and nobody wearing a helmet. With insane speed and acrobatics to follow the pursued team, the risk of death on the spot is very high.

The crowd in a flash disappeared into the darkness of the night, as fast as it appeared. When the quiet street returned, I began to think. These young people enjoy opportunities that their parents do not even have in dreams. The previous generations have gone through many difficulties of the two wars and the subsidy period, the new generation can study, succeed, exchange, travel ... why they risk their lives a how unreasonable like that?

I couldn't help but think of a close Vietnamese friend, close to my age. When she was a child, American bombings escalated, her school was evacuated from Hanoi. It was also a dangerous night ride on two wheels, but in a different form. She and her classmates spent a long time with farmers, cycling every few weeks back to the city with their teachers, only to be with their parents for a few hours. They rode their bikes in the dark to get back to their evacuation place at dawn.

Remembering this story, I was bewildered: how could a much easier life lead to such troubled values? I also think about many other signs of social disruption that I often hear: the explosion in divorces, the exponential increase in frivolous issues, consumerism in order to impress. others, dependence on debt rather than labor. Certainly these problems have existed in all eras, but they seem to be exacerbated among young people in times of economic growth.

This is not only a Vietnamese problem. In the 1950s, the movie Rebel without a cause shows how rich young people risked their lives with "chicken game." In a "chicken game", two riders rushed towards each other on a fierce road until one or both of them could die. The expensive cars used by these wealthy young men to risk life were beyond the reach of the average American worker at the time.

This highly successful film depicts the moral decline of a very wealthy group in society. But it is said that James Dean, the star actor who played the male lead, died in a road accident at the age of 24, before the film was released. He was also fascinated by the unique cars and unconscious acceleration.

In the 1980s, Spain experienced a period of social turmoil. For decades, under the fascist dictator Francisco Franco, the country was under the moral guise of conservative and patriarchal Catholic thought. But after Franco's death in 1975, with the transition to democracy, a "discovery" appeared. Young people have suddenly taken part in a meaningless race to increase the number and complexity of sexual intercourse.

For Vietnam, the story of confused young people is strongly told by Nguyen Huy Thiep in his wonderful novel, My Dear Age 20. It tells the story of young men who are struggling with drugs, passionate about racing and totally not interested in studying, working or taking care of their families. Like other works of Nguyen Huy Thiep, this novel conveys a sense of deep moral chaos.

The United States in the 1950s, Spain in the 1980s and Vietnam in the 2000s had something in common. In all three countries, it was an unprecedented period of economic prosperity and strong, broken social transformation. And in any case, the sudden generosity of sources of income and opportunities makes the discipline and sacrifice mentality of the old generation seem unreasonable to many young people.

These conversions do not last forever. Sooner or later, a new equilibrium will be formed. The US and Spain today are advanced economies with good society. Concerns about unjust rebels or indiscriminate sex have disappeared.

I have no doubt that Vietnam will someday become an advanced economy, and I am not really worried about the prolonged moral decline. In fact, I am impressed by the strong work ethic and strong sense of responsibility of the Vietnamese people.

But this transformation can be expensive. On the way to new, improved society, families

As a lover of Hanoi, I see another disastrous consequence from this period of valuable confusion. The unique character of a city can easily be lost during periods of rapid economic growth. On their journey to find an immediate profit, many people are ready to destroy anything, and push anyone away. In doing so, they are backed by buyers of new apartments and shoppers in the new shopping center - people who aspire to show consumerism even when they have a great deal of debt.

Hanoi needs multi-party commitment to maintain its charm and liveliness. "She" needs to be understood and protected, for the happiness and prosperity of its residents when all this turmoil will end. But the young men and women enjoying this prosperity did not care about the great things of the city where they grew up.

And this thought was what most frightened me as the roaring motorbikes disappeared toward the old town, in the darkness of the night.

Martin Rama
Chi tiết

Bravo smart

Every two to three years, I visit my partner in the Netherlands, two businessmen Martijn and Ramon. This fall is the same. After work, Martijn and Ramon took us to eat in the center of Breda, a small city in the south of the Netherlands. The food was good, but I was fascinated by the car parking here. Five years ago, they put poles to pick up coins, and car owners dropped coins.

Two years later, Martijn pulled out a credit card to deduct the fare. But last month, I didn't see any columns. The partner parked the car, walking leisurely while pulling out his smartphone to the dot. He explained that they now pay parking fees via the app.

The whole of the Netherlands is investing in a parking management system through a smartphone app. When the car enters the parked areas, the software will automatically calculate the parking time in the park and charge, automatically deducted from the credit card of the vehicle owner has installed the parameters.

In the story, we talk about how the Dutch government has saved a lot of budget by reducing the large workforce at the parking lot toll stations. I calculate, just by doing this, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will save huge amounts of money to maintain the staff of public utility companies. It also helps the government collect 100% of the fees from users, no longer having to negatively lose public revenue budget through too many intermediaries.

Not only in the management of the parking lot, Ramon said, in all the operations of life, the Dutch government has publicly published its papers. All citizens and businesses then submitted proposals, participated in bidding, and provided public authorities with perfecting the apparatus with their "electronic" and "smart" goals.

Not far from us, in Guangzhou, China, the charge through the app on smartphones is also mainstream. Employees are hardly seen wearing uniforms, collecting manual fees at parking lots.

I used to follow my friend overseas Vietnamese to open a business in Montreal, Canada. From the moment we enter the business registration office's office to leave with a new business license is less than 25 minutes. Entering, you show the ID card to the staff, she leads you to a dedicated computer with internet access and a credit card payment system. After declaring all online registration information and paying the fee by credit card, the business owner will print his own business registration certificate. The business immediately started operating. I suddenly remembered that the procedure to set up a business in Vietnam after countless reforms still takes weeks with lots of gates, printed papers and handwritten documents.

My two sons are studying in Canada. We rented them an apartment in the name of my wife. Although my wife lives in Vietnam, all expenses such as electricity, water and internet of the other apartment are automatically paid on her credit card in Vietnam and sent via email. In particular, the information sent via email is not only the indicators of electricity and water used and the amount paid, but also includes a declaration and analysis of electricity and water indicators used by season, according to day and hour. Thereby, they guide users how to use the optimal, most effective way to save energy and service costs. At any time, you can access the internet to know right away how much your electricity, water, etc.

Meanwhile, my house is in Vietnam, in a modern urban area in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, but once a month, the cashier is still ringing the doorbell like 30 years ago. I asked one of the bank directors, why not give the automatic water collection service through the bank as applied to electricity and telecommunications charges. The director of the bank explained, wanted it but the problem is "the water industry does not want". The reason is that the jobs of hundreds of thousands of workers are collecting water money.

We are being frantically applauded for an "industrial revolution 4.0". The government is seeking business people and people to actively approach this "revolution". Yet more than anyone else, people need to see the government take the lead in leading the way. A bureaucratic bureaucratic bureaucracy with a huge number of civil servants is one of the country's rising barriers, also a smart or electronic government barrier.

The Government has just issued a decree to increase the regional minimum wage for workers from January 1, 2019 to VND 160,000-200,000 per month depending on the region. In order to make this decision, so many controversies have occurred because of budget constraints, or weight for one place or another.

I wonder if socializing a multitude of jobs in state-owned enterprises, public services, in the manner of many countries today: invite businesses to bid for providing management software or applications; perhaps the argument about minimum wage or budget savings is also greatly eased.

Imagine, just by cutting tens of thousands of employees ringing the national water bill every day, we will save how much salary and operating costs of water companies in particular and the system. common good system?

If the government is bold, speeding up the building of a truly intelligent and electronic social operation system, the millions of people who are cutting tickets for parking fees, writing insurance receipts will be cut. society, collecting water bills or public officials at government offices - indirectly taking them to a more productive job - will no longer be a controversy.

The question of a smart government is not "how much" but "how".

Dinh Hong Ky
Chi tiết

Golden generation

In me, there are three golden generations of young Vietnamese football. The first generation consisted of Huynh Duc, Huu Thang and Hong Son before. The second is Cong Vinh, Minh Phuong, Huu Thang and Tai Em, later added Van Quyen and Quoc Vuong.

And now the children of Cong Phuong, Que Ngoc Hai, Quang Hai, Duy Manh, Dinh Trong, Van Duc ... This is a generation of players who can make football aroused and loved by the audience.

For me, the talent of labor and hard work is valuable, but quality is the most important thing. The quality of this player's age is reflected in respect for the emotions of the audience, through the acts on the pitch and in personal life.

The first recognition is expressed in faith. The whole country fans are very trusting and this class of players, and especially have never once posed a negative problem for them. This is very important. Because of believing in the clarity of the players, people do not have doubts when they win or lose like they used to. I personally feel that the children have played their best and kept a very serious attitude with the color of the shirt, playing very responsibly to the country and the audience. Even when they lost to Korea, the public accepted it cheerfully, without questioning the behavior.

The second expression is the play and the collective spirit of the team. We have a very strong defensive line, the offensive line has many goals and a fairly diverse gameplay. They always play their best and have players who are loved by the audience like Quang Hai and Cong Phuong.

The third is in the quality of the players. The national team has an equal quality. They understand the value of personal image, keep a clean brand in public and fans right from home, in public and on the field.

Why do I emphasize this idea? I dare not hold my chopsticks. But we have to be fair with each other that there are past matches that make fans feel angry and ashamed. There are cases where players lose their own team, make mistakes in the penalty area, hit their own players to be punished ... I have also been many times surprised and discontented because my players have a bad way of playing. , not to make the audience excited but also to make them sad. Of course, we don't always have enough evidence to convince anyone. But in football there are situations that are difficult to measure, as we say, "One takes ten, and one thinks ten."

It was the semi-finals of the 2004 National Cup on Vinh and Song Lam rocks against the Army Club. A month earlier, Song Lam defeated Army 8-1 at a time when the Army was almost exhausted and relegated. But, in this match, when there are only a few minutes to end the game, the score is 1-1, the goalkeeper hit the opponent with a hand within 16 meters 50, was sent off and penalized. At that time we were all out of substitution, so the Ugandan midfielder volunteered to be the goalkeeper. Goals scored, we lost 2-1.

I met the team right on the pitch that the game was not over. "Do you guys feel ashamed?", I exasperated, "We should have been kicking on the pitch and sitting here doing a self-criticism of unjustified mistakes." I should have won the championship when I was at my best, kicking at home, the home crowd, all the favorable factors but in the end I only received the bronze medal. The player broke and I was forced to criticize them. At that time, I was so sad and frustrated.

I asked, "Why do I have to fight my opponent to lose myself? Do I have to beat people? Do you have any ideas?".

Although the children also apologized, promising this and that, I could not find the final answer for the players' confusing behavior. Only later, when I look at some phenomena, do I understand that there are players who can be negative. For example, the case of Mr. Truong in Ninh Binh found negative in their team, police investigated. Nine players of Ninh Binh team had to go to court but the most sad thing was that Truong had to "surrender", asking the Union to dissolve the team itself.

It's not good to say it again, but it's one of the bloody lessons with Vietnamese football for us to wake up and remind each other. By one repeat, it will pull us very far away from the civilized football that we have been waiting for.

That is why I am happy because we are having a generation of very professional football players and especially happy that they all have a good sense of clean image. The grandchildren are more mature than the older generation, who respect the emotions of the audience, cultivate the trust of the public, play their best and be responsible for the colors of the country.

It shows that we are on the right track for football training. The right teaching makes them have the right mindset and the right behavior. Because of the right mindset, you also respect your employer and the public, because you are grateful to those who have trained you to not do silly things like before.

For several decades as my coach, I have always pursued the value of player morality. I have a habit that I have just shared with VnExpress readers. I always had a team activity before the game, reminding the players that: You guys have to play really well because first of all it is good for your brand, there are better contracts, better money. to help the family and for the future, and especially to be loved by everyone. Second, please treasure your money, know how to save money to support yourself and your family in the future. As a player, there must be fierce competition but fairness in terms of expertise and talent, placing yourself in a worthy position in public.

There are players who have acquired it, but there are still players who received a transfer of tens of billion and quickly lost it because of betting on football. Some are still in debt, complained about by the public about behaving in public. Some children went out at night that made us impatient, had to wait at the gate until 3-4 am. I am worried and remind the children, the life of such a player will get down very quickly, later it is difficult to sign a good contract. And it is true, there are talents I am not convenient to mention the name, went into the footsteps of the fall.

It is not natural that Vietnam has generations of golden players. Firstly, the players themselves are aware of how Vietnamese audiences love football and they are responsible for that emotion. Second, it is thanks to the team leaders, the bosses, who lead the Park Hang-seo spirit. For me, because my children were separated from their family very early, their adults were like their parents. Educating children about the profession is also important but the personality education.

We are grateful to the people behind the players and wish them for our children, for Vietnamese football and the true fans to continue to train good players who are both talented and qualified. good. I also hope you will lead the next generation of Vietnamese football.

Nguyen Thanh Vinh
Chi tiết

Recipe of the hero

More than a dozen years ago, a biography made a lot of noise. With the message "From a buffalo boy to become general manager ...", the book was written by an official in one of the largest state-owned enterprises in Vietnam about his boss.

The first part is about the identity, biography, describing the path from a poor buffalo boy to a general director of a large state-owned enterprise. During his teenage years, he went to school and helped the family, including "raising the buffalo". As a young man, he studied at a middle school, joined the army, then went to work in the district before becoming a deputy and general manager. He always showed his superiority and set an example of learning from those around him. The second part posted articles written about him and his speeches at the conference. Attached are photos and a detailed list of leadership accomplishments.

The book is promoted internally. Then it was the leader of the state-owned enterprise that used the budget to buy books to ask the departments to read as a "role model in the process of operation", because the director had "contributed to the cause". The total amount of money spent to buy more than 2,500 books was over VND 150 million. The amount was quite large that year, when the price of gold was just over one million dong per thread.

But that "mirror" has encountered a backlash from reluctant readers. There are units that have handed out destroyed books to employees not to read. Public, the press discontented. That hero is not to be commended. In fact, he has no admirable achievement as a business of the people, not even the opposite. The number of employees of this business reaches more than twenty thousand, but the business efficiency is very low compared to the industry. The deputy general director signs the distribution of books and the related persons are criticized. Image of a failed hero.

It failed because it violated the basic principle of the "hero formula", described by Joseph Campbell in his book "The Hero with Thousands Faces." He studied classic patterns in many civilizations to answer the question, why do we need heroes and their common denominators. This scholar concluded: A hero is an essential role model for everyone to perfect themselves. They are different people who have to take on different missions but the common point is always taking the task that is taking on over their own needs.

Although desiring, the public does not easily admit idols. Surely it was seen that the general manager "from the buffalo boy" did not have the qualities "beyond his own needs", so the public and his staff were outright. refused to identify his hero. Not all praise creates a hero.

So what is the secret of the hero? There is no secret, according to Campbell. You leave your comfort zone or are shoved away from it, experiencing new challenges, being battered, striving incessantly for everyone and becoming another person; then maybe you will return to the old place but at a different level.

These days, we're chanting the heroes of the ball. The same "poor boy" motif, but they are recognized by the public, why?

Also separated from the family from an early age, also fortunate to meet the teachers, companions, sacrifice personal life in a certain angle, win challenges in a very life and no less romantic way When meeting the beautiful girl, they are the heroes of the Vietnamese football fans. Their bumps and efforts are real. Never before has stories been drawn around so many players.

The story of the dream of a barefoot boy playing soccer, a simple house in his hometown with a farming farmer, always looking forward to his son away from home, became a topic in every newspaper. Even the commercial advertising scenario is also built up according to the classic motif: from the country boy, from the thatched roof of the countryside, there are no football shoes ... to become a hero on the pitch. And it has a partial truth. It fully meets the basic criteria of "heroic formula". Images also create a familiar feeling by a poor thatched roof or a boy like that, we can meet all over this country, in memory.

Joseph Campbell, after many years of research, believes that humanity has been and will always be in need of a hero legend because people always reflect their aspirations through stories representing their desires. We all want to do something in our life. And so, we need more than real and personal heroes like Quang Hai, Cong Phuong, and Van Duc as evidence to believe that it is good to be real if it is created from faith. knowledge, skills, effort and unrelenting working spirit. The public loves the stories of their heroes, to believe that a normal person - like us - could become better.

We don't always need to be a hero to pay off living expenses for this month. Life often requires you to solve the problems we are facing, say "yes" to your own fears: unfulfilled work, unfulfilled regrets, debts, loneliness, illness. ...

But these simple needs are the reason why "poor boys" from Hai Duong, Nghe An and Thanh Hoa become an inspiration. My son, 10 years old, reminds the names of his players every day, gets up early to play football on the weekends and eats what his peers like. The boy did not hesitate to declare that he wanted to play football better and be more active in everything. That alone makes our life different. That is also the reason why many people have money and have the right to write epic poems to paint themselves into great characters that revolve the universe, not making the public feel touched (although they are still doing so much and doing it constantly ).

These days, there are some questions that matter that just football, after all, need to be so happy when there are so many things in life. It is true that maybe these young boys will not become anyone's "mirror in the process of operation". But the simple nature of the boys' stories is what makes the public love. Our society lacks such simple inspirational stories, while there are redundant "mirrors" that play the trumpets.

Hong Phuc
Chi tiết

'Promise is a promise'

This expression in English is "A promise is a promise". My brother and I used to talk to each other when we were little, to make sure we kept our word.

- I'll go out and let the horses eat for you, if you help me wash the dishes. "

- Promise?

- Okay, promise!

Winter in Canada is very cold, but I really hate washing dishes so this is a successful deal for me.

Actually the "promise is promise" statement is not profound, but Anthony and I believe absolutely in this principle. Because we saw the seriousness of his father's face, the expressions that formed in the old generation of immigrants, when he taught us one of the most important rules for being human: "A promise is a promise" .

Yet I had difficulty with this principle when I arrived in Vietnam. I tried my hand at business with a weaving company in Thai Binh. Successful with the first transaction and a little happy, I was happy to receive new challenges, feel the sales profession is okay, until the customer - a Chinese company called that want to cancel the contract due to market changes. He crookedly presented about the so-called reason but I just saw that he wanted to deal with another party. Holding the phone to listen to his words, I could only say three words: "Cancel the contract?". I felt dizzy, hot, and skeptical. The customer who listened to me would probably feel shocked and heartbroken.

At that time I was still in the "honeymoon" period with Vietnam, just beginning to live in another country and looking at everything beautiful, not bothering about bad things. However, the honeymoon ended when, later, a German sold textile machinery to my company and shared that companies in Europe and America did not like to do with many Vietnamese companies, simply because they have no credibility.

My mentality went down, I was a bit depressed until I got out of that environment with a different view of business ethics here. And during the more than 7 years of living in Vietnam after that, I am more aware of that than ever.

Because I grew up teaching that keeping one's word is an important principle of a person. And to keep his word to others, first of all he has to keep his promise to himself. Dad said: "In my life, I have to remember two things: Keep my word and always pay the debt."

As a child, about 15 years old, my father sent me to work as an assistant for a plumber named Mike, my father's best friend. Uncle Mike told me: "My dad told me, I have the right to give my child all the hard work, no problem at all." And rightly so, working with Mike is super hard. I have to study very carefully and quickly, in case of any mistake, I will be deducted from my salary, sometimes even scolded. I stabbed to hate to go to work. But my parents didn't let me off, they wanted to teach me when they decided what to do, they had to do it, "A promise is a promise".

I hold that attitude when I'm in Vietnam. Honestly, it can be said that thanks to this attitude, I am here for now.

Nearly 100 years ago, psychologist Jean Piaget believed that morality was developed in children aged 9 to 10 years old. He said it is really important for children to play together because it is the first step for them to learn how to function in society later.

You can ask your children when they play a group game at school, what is the main objective of this game? Some children may answer that joy is a goal, partly true. Other children, raised in a more competitive environment, can say that winning is the most important, not wrong. In fact, the correct answer is a combination of both answers. But the most important lesson to learn is fair play. That you play in such a way that people still want to play with you next time, both for fun and for comfort and benefit but also for clarity and fairness.

But we all know, there are many tourists coming to Vietnam who do not come back, many business companies do not have a second contract with a partner because they only need to make the most money from any customer. Looking at many businesses, it seems that the fairness and morality are missing. Recently, I didn't go to theaters to watch movies anymore because I felt that movie owners had forgotten the golden rule was the mood of the guests. Going to the cinema is a time of entertainment with relatives, people have bought tickets, which means they have to pay for the theater. But as soon as I sat down in the chair, I received the continuous rain of advertisements until the viewers' emotions subsided. I feel from the dark corner of the cinema, the gaze of marketers greedily staring at your wallet.

An unfinished job is a broken promise. A contract is broken, does not keep its promise to itself, does not send a reply before the deadline, does not pay on time ... it will identify you. In the international business environment, many companies have the prejudice that their Asian partners, especially India, Vietnam and China, have no credibility.

They forget or have not been carefully educated or preceded by them: A promise is a promise.

Jesse Peterson
(Originally in Vietnamese)
Chi tiết

Not leaving until drunk

I like to drink and like to drink people. The people I drink often are those who speak straight, not around the Three Kingdoms. They also quickly make decisions at work. They love life and love people so I love them.

But more than ever, I feel the need to talk about alcohol and how to drink it in society today.

My schedule for last month's business trip: Friday morning, I was giving a speech about the Law on Prevention and Control of Alcohol and Beer Harm on the National Assembly forum, on Friday afternoon to Son La Hospital for professional assistance. That morning, I said that if the law is passed when there are too many lengthy provisions, which are not suitable as submitted by the Government, the effectiveness will be low, because they are not consistent with the reality of "phong movement "alcohol is rising very high in Vietnam. In the evening, that fact was proved most vividly by the Son La brothers. Arriving at the hotel room, I could not find the light switch.

The consumption of alcohol has been associated with life for a long time, probably since humans were still "eating feathers in the hole". Who among us does not have an unforgettable memory of a reunion but always accompanied by glasses of wine, beer?

But the current wine culture in my country, I give up. Drink day, night drink, drink for any reason, sad, happy, not sad or unhappy also drink, drink whenever meeting, your friend's birthday ... And especially to get drunk . Not leaving until drunk. Say is the proof of "true affection", is "true love".

Because of that culture, many people don't say "see you again" but "just sit (drink) together?". And perhaps because of that culture, most officials today are good at drinking. Do not know how to drink with the "instrument" tray.

Needless to say the consequences of drinking alcohol, because the press reminds every day, how many people die, how many people are injured, just how many broken hearts are not exhaustive statistics. As a doctor, I cannot tell all the tragic accidents that I have encountered in my work.

With our volunteer medical convoy, two late-afternoon afternoons, two drunk young men rushed in. The first one five years ago in Muong Lat, Thanh Hoa claimed a human life. The second incident happened just last Saturday, when our delegation left Phieng Luong, Bac Me and Ha Giang communes. Fortunately, the young man did not die, but he could not raise his head to cheer the victory of the Vietnamese team. As for our convoy, it was only 6 in the morning until we got to the capital.

It is this "Made in Vietnam" drinking culture that worsens the image of enjoying a very elegant wine recorded by the poetry. When it comes to drinking, the women jumped about knowing that they would have to pick up a smelly one near morning. We didn't drink alcohol but we drank wine, enjoyed it.

Therefore, there is no law that can immediately reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages in Vietnam during this period. The most simple, inexpensive and effective solution is that the Government should soon issue a decree regulating the management of alcohol with clear and detailed prohibitions. The decree banning firecrackers or the decree to wear helmets was successful that way.

More specifically, this decree should clarify the behaviors of alcohol users, at the following points:

The first is the age at which you are allowed to buy alcohol and drink alcohol. The Government has issued Decree 40 on the production and trading of alcohol, which prohibits the sale of alcohol to people under 18. We also have sanctions for violations of regulations on trading in alcohol, in which anyone selling alcohol to a person under the age of 18 may be subject to a warning or a fine of between VND 500,000 and 1,000,000. . But the problem is that those sanctions are not enforced. Therefore, banning and penalizing those who sell or drink alcohol together with minors should be added. In many cases, they are the main actor.

Secondly, localizing products with high alcohol content that are widely sold in supermarkets, shops, restaurants, hotels ... Where special permits are allowed to sell alcohol with alcohol content. high.

Thirdly, publish the list of places where alcohol and alcohol cannot be sold or used, such as schools, offices, hospitals, religious places, etc., and effective measures to supervise and impose penalties. these violations. Thailand has done this very well.

Modifying the alcohol culture in our country cannot be done only with words. People have shouted "stop drinking alcohol" for many years, but the effect is surely as we can see. It is necessary to legislate behaviors with alcohol, but it is not easy to make it effective and sustainable, does not waste social resources.

Please quote my favorite poem by Oh Khayyam (1040 - 1112), the great Iranian philosopher and mathematician to conclude this article.

"Alcohol is prohibited only for stupid people
not with smart and educated people
Drinking is needed if you know that you are
Who to drink, when, some cups ... "

Nguyen Lan Hieu
Chi tiết

Flood in the Central

The tall and thin man, eyes deepened after sleepless nights, pointed to the wall. I watched: the wet stain served as evidence for nearly a meter of water level. I rushed out the door. The water was flooded to the chest, but I had to go knocking on the door of every house around because everyone was fast asleep, ”Thao said of the morning of December 9.

That night, the whole little neighbor was in chaos. The sound of rain raining down on the roof overwhelmed the sound of people calling each other to run flood in the middle of the night. A woman carrying a television and refrigerator. Seven of the elderly and children in Mr. Thao's family had to move to the cramped loft. The sick baby cry every now and again. Adults do not dare to sleep.

Rainfall of Da Nang in 19h on December 8 to 19h on December 9 this year set a new record. Six hundred and thirty millimeters, it broke the old record on November 3, 1999. Da Nang people for the first time (since the well-off) faced the sight of a series of expensive cars submerged in the water, and the owner had to flee for people. Neighboring provinces also saw many towering water levels. Nine people died and went missing. After the panic, life turned upside down.

I asked Thao about the historic flood in 1999. He told the figures clearly: that year, he had raised the floor by an additional 30cm above the masterpiece. The power outlet is also installed 1.2m from the ground so that "if it is flooded, there will be no electric shock".

After the tragic shock of 1999, an entire community changed their approach to the floods. That year, a Da Nang man, Mr. Huynh Van Thang at that time was the head of the irrigation bureau, came up with the idea of ​​"flood warning". The pillar is too high for the head to be erected in many places. People who listen to flood reports can compare and find ways to cope instead of the fact that the numbers are hard to imagine. Many nearby localities later learned to follow.

But in 2018, after a "record" and after a panic, asking people what they have to do, there is no answer. After the record rain of 2018, despite the dangers seen, did not see the discussion or ideas like Mr. Thang in the past. And the reason is probably not because 3 days later the Vietnamese team will kick the first leg on Malaysia soil. The reason, is now ... too difficult to give a solution.

Talking about raising the floor like in the past, Thao shook his head. "Kiet is just over two meters wide. A house is built close to the edge of the house. If you lift the floor, you cannot drive a motorbike into the house." There are thousands of alleys in Danang. A few dozen meters of land were also cut into houses, sold and bought.

But heavy rains not only caused damage to tens of thousands of people, but also revealed an inadequacy of urban planning: the unconnected drainage system between the new urban areas and the old urban areas reduced the likelihood. Drainage; reservoir to gradually fill up the plot for sale of the ground; VND 85 billion is spent on dredging the sewer every year, but 300 tons of internal solid waste has spilled into the sea through the outlet ...

My legs after two days of recording the scene, were rash. When the rain is flooded, domestic waste flows up from the sewer. On the beaches, the smell of household waste and dead animal carcasses into the nose. Every day, people across the city are generating 900 to 1,000 tons of rubbish and the city once honored for the environment is facing the risk of a lack of landfills. Of course, VND 85 billion dredged is a significant number, but it must be acknowledged that the culverts are caused by people's lifestyles.

Climate change is getting more and more negative. Previously, the rainy season lasted two months. But this year, near the end of the rainy season, there is still not enough water to push saline water for Cau Do water plant, one million urban residents face a shortage of running water for three days. At the end of the rainy season, water collapses causing floods.

I have no intention of comparing the 2018 rain with the historic flood in 1999. But it is easy to see that with the getting rich, the urban density increases, the space responds to the "shocks" from heaven. ears even lower. Everywhere was besieged by concrete, some built according to plan, one built with the power of money, there was a custom built by the people. Round 10 days after the flood, yesterday (December 18) the story of rain flooded the table at the 9th meeting of the City People's Council. Many causes were dissected, but the solutions were still very abstract: "reviewing the planning of the waste water system", "diverging synchronous investment", "taking measures against flooding".

The question is, over the past two decades of economic boom and urban development, what have we done to make a resident of 2018 more resigned than a citizen in 1999 to prevent floods? They can't think of anything else. That's an important question, because it's not just for Da Nang, but for every city in Vietnam - because the urban development method is basically the same.

The next question is what will we do in the next twenty years when the amount of garbage increases (and the habit of garbage by both authorities and people does not improve) and the amount of concrete increases (and habits construction of both people and government planning did not improve). Flooding in the Central is not just a matter of the Central.

If I were still a reporter, and if the cities were still growing in the "proud" way we are now, maybe in 2038, I wouldn't have to ask myself what to expect after the historic flood. They will bundle up their knees.

To conclude, I would like to use the judgment of the leaders of Da Nang Department of Natural Resources and Environment: "Heavy rains are beyond the control of the city's political system". This sentence, can be saved to use for both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, or many cities in Vietnam later.

Nguyen Dong
Chi tiết


My mother excitedly told the story of how she recently joined the neighborhood culture club. Every day the members of the club are allowed to sit on the multi-frequency therapy machine to help improve the bones and health. This device is given by a private business for free. I am very happy, because in addition to sending my children to school, she often stays at home, rarely takes part in exchange and training activities with other people.

At the end of the last month, I came home from business, had just put my backpack down, and my daughter ran out a little: "Daddy, grandmother bought a new rice cooker. She said the old pot was burnt by my father so she bought it This pot, just 15 minutes is cooked rice. " I felt a bit strange but did not ask anymore. Incidentally, the maid told her that she had joined the club for a long time, and was called "mother" by the employee of the other company, confided to the difficult family, had disabled children, ... In addition to supporting tools using high frequency free, she invited you to buy other products

The rice cooker my mother bought from the "poor" worker was a Chinese-made pot, priced at 1,050,000 VND. I looked online, this product sold 680,000 VND. In addition, my mother also bought her two packages "Longevity immortality" for more than one million. This is a pack of herbs and some oriental medicine, introduced as a "100% natural herb" ingredient. Uses indicated on its shell, I have not seen in any product: cancer prevention, cure incurable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, support the treatment of tumors, brain tumors, tumors uterine fibroids, benign prostatic hyperplasia, stomach tumors, lung tumors, kidney tumors and some other types of tumor, blood pressure balance, prevention of kidney failure, stomach and colon diseases. Many uses, but the packaging has absolutely no information about the company's address, product licenses and safety and hygiene certificates.

I tried searching the internet, there was no official information about the company that sold the product, and the herbal production company had stopped working since 2011.

The amount of VND 510,000 is a ridiculous price for a package of leaves with unknown ingredients. My mother told her that every day, she consulted with the elderly, many "club members" bought products from the other company. I learned that the company is organizing many "clubs" in different places in Hanoi city, each club has a few dozen members on average. I was startled because this phenomenon is happening very popular not only in big cities but also in provinces like Phu Tho, Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue ... right away in front of public authorities. Many clubs hire cultural houses, commune health stations to operate. The general formula is that they invite the elderly, veterans ... to join the free day trips and donate some basic health care equipment, then skillfully introduce and sell products. Poor quality products, unknown origin with heavenly prices.

At the end of this year, counterfeiting and shoddy goods were rampant again, like every year. In fact, not only at the end of the year, but it has been going on for years, in many forms. The problem is not because we lack the rules to handle the problem.

Article 10, Decree 43, issued in 2017 on goods labels, stipulates that "contents required to be displayed on goods labels" include: names and addresses of organizations and individuals responsible for goods. goods, origin of goods, contents of properties of each type of goods. Article 8, Clause 2, Law on Protection of consumers' rights in 2010 also states that consumers "are provided with accurate and complete information about organizations and individuals trading goods and services; transaction of goods and services; origin and origin of goods; provision of invoices, documents, documents related to transactions and other necessary information about goods and services purchased by consumers. , use".

"Organizations and individuals trading in goods and / or services that deceive or confuse consumers through advertising or hiding activities, providing incomplete, false and inaccurate information" are acts vi is prohibited. The Ministry of Industry and Trade is responsible before the Government for performing the state management of consumer rights protection. The People's Committees at all levels perform the state management of the protection of consumers' interests in their localities.

"Information asymmetry" is a concept that was born in the 1970s, bringing the Nobel Prize in Economics to its three authors: George Akerlof, Michael Spence and Joseph Stiglitz. Term used to describe the parties involved in a transaction that do not know the same information about the value or quality of the goods traded. As a result, the deal price is pushed too low or too high. Information asymmetry causes adverse choices for one party, or moral risks, fraudulent phenomena. It could also be spreading rumors that harm others, and also false information in the media.

Gentle old people, including my mother, were in a similar situation. Manufacturers and distributors have ignored the laws of labeling, product information and quality standards for sales with ambiguity and disobedience, intentionally creating buyers' misinformation.

The solution to end the information asymmetry, according to the theory above, is to make up for the missing information from the parties, including the imposition of legal sanctions. But here, the enforcement of market supervision and management sanctions by the Industry and Trade sector, market managers, local officials and people's committees at all levels have not been filled. Especially for groups of people who are light-hearted and have little social interference, they are often in the position of information asymmetry.

Looking forward to a "month of action" this year round?

Dao Quang Minh
Chi tiết

The "walking dead" lecture hall

My former student, Chris, has just graduated from a job as an analyst at Barclays Investment Bank in London. It was a prestigious seat in times of employment that was lucky.

I know that sweet fruit is not natural. In valuation model subject, after the theory, Chris asked me to ask if there is anything realistic about the pricing model to read more, I shared with you many sources of reference and about 10 real valuation reports. In fact, he said he had read it all, even though we had just entered this topic in class that day.

I share more with you the research data that my department paid for registration. After several months, more than 400 valuation reports passed through Chris.

He chose the topic of investment bank oil companies valuation models to do the graduation thesis for me. In his dissertation, he criticized analysts who did not understand anything about pricing certain types of oil and gas services.

Because Chris is one of the few students who has an independent and profound perspective on his field, I'm not surprised that immediately after graduation, Chris became an oil and gas analyst at Barclays.

Chris is one of the few good faces to come find me at the office after reading all the given material and wants to ask more. In fact, there are only a few faces I know they definitely have good grades for and have good jobs after graduation. I am grateful that I also learned a lot from them.

On the contrary, many students have completed my course but have never read any of the 10 valuation reports I provide. Near the day of the exam, a student came into the room asking me to almost repeat what I taught in class. Even if my lecture was recorded on the intranet, she wouldn't listen, just learn the instant noodles to pass my exam the following week. I also received several panic emails, asking for documents about data analysis and financial modeling with Excel and how to access information in the Bloomberg room - two skills needed to graduate and if you want to apply for a job at the investment bank. Those are also skills needed to graduate thesis. But last semester, I opened a free Bloomberg class online (while studying outside would have to pay 150 USD), only 15% of students registered.

So to mention that in the time when online, there is an online course like now, self-study is still a luxury for a large number of students, here even though students in the UK. There was an angry professor speaking in the newspaper that the generation now refused to take responsibility for its studies; and make teachers, schools and society responsible for their studies, getting jobs for them. I know he's somewhat generalized, but I sympathize with that emotion, because at least 20% of the students in my class are as he says.

It is not difficult to see that many students not only in the UK, but in many places, including Vietnam, criticize the school for not teaching anything practical, but they are also not willing to find out the information available everywhere. With the evolution of the technology revolution, the main teaching materials of universities will only be part of the learning. The Internet will cover the defect (if it is called a defect). For example, how can you expect a 60-year-old finance professor to write a book about the latest trend of fintech - the financial technology industry?

The technological revolution is creating rapid changes in many fields and it is the universities themselves are embarrassing to deal with this new trend. The extra resources and self-study resources that teachers provide, the resources that the school invests are becoming increasingly important compared to the formal lecture. Lectures provide only background knowledge. Moreover, the lecture always has to be written a few months ago.

For example, the subject I teach, the financial market changes every day about new technologies, trends, skills, information, so I can only provide background knowledge and supplement it with a large amount of supporting material. students learn by themselves so they can delve deeper and further discuss with me. I'm also learning new things myself.

Many universities and lecturers are aware of that, at least the places I know. They prepare a variety of tools to support students with realistic alternative sources such as real simulation models, simulated stock-exchange exchanges, data sources, knowledge sources. They can also introduce you to their former students who are working in relevant positions in large corporations.

But even in the period of dots, knowledge is only valuable if absorbed and transformed through the human brain. All university investment or the knowledge available online can only become fruitful if the student is responsible for his / her study, self-study, self-study, reflection. More than ever, university students who cannot think that they have paid their tuition fees have the right to pretend to be "living corpses" for a few years.

University is not a job brokerage center, but an incubator for people to develop themselves. Good seeds need a good environment to grow.

I am of the opinion of a colleague, that in this era, college is a student's partner, not the customer relationship and education service provider as many people think. Because the university is not a foreign language center or a vocational center.

In many cases, it is hard for universities to teach anything so that graduates can work immediately. Simply because society changes too quickly compared to training programs. If the university focuses on teaching skills to graduate immediately, then there is a risk that students will quickly be eliminated when that skill is outdated. Examples are bookkeeping, accounting skills in accounting. Teaching accounting in university now requires more than analytical skills and less immediate knowledge of operations. It will be obsolete as soon as accounting standards change and computers are replaced.

In this context, universities can only provide resources, guidance for students to self-study, give them problems so they can find ways to solve problems themselves. After graduation, they will know how to solve new problems. Na na, attending college properly now is much more miserable than before. If you take care of taking shortcuts, students will face the risk of being eliminated.

Successful universities also offer more than enough resources to support their students' self-study, including excellent professors, good facilities and good partnerships, and career incubators for students. But that is only a good land. Whether the seed germinates or not still depends on its own movement.

Mara Swan of ManpowerGroup has written an article in the World Economic Forum that, self-study skills, or the desire and ability to learn market skills are needed, are the key to survive in the job market. now and coming.

If you are an employer, do you choose Chris or students who learn to "pretend" or "eat fast"?

Ho Quoc Tuan
Chi tiết

Christmas, love

Like many children, when I was young, there were few days in the year that made me want to get up early. Christmas is such a day. The very early morning of Christmas was very cold, sticking out one leg was enough to shiver. My family's old red brick house is nearly 150 years old, with many cracks and holes making it easier for the cold to penetrate. Everyday, we would wait for Dad to wake up and burn wood in the furnace. But because it's Christmas today, and we know Santa has come over while we slept.

 "Dad! Have you lit the fire yet?", I shouted. My younger brother Anthony was also very alert, but he was still buried under a warm blanket. He also shouted, "Mom! Tell me to light the fire!", Then he continues, "Merry Christmas Jesse! Merry Christmas parents!"

 "Oi! It's 5 am and noisy! Go to bed now!", His father growled. But how to sleep after Santa has come to his house? So we got out of bed, our lips were purple with cold, our bodies were trembling. This is the happiest day of the year, a temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius cannot stop two children.

Downstairs there is the biggest Christmas tree that Dad can cut from the forest and tuck through the door. The room and the tree are decorated with beautiful sparkling lights. Under the tree is more than one hundred colorful Christmas gift boxes wrapped in paper. Waiting for my parents to come down here, we were allowed to open, all the special socks filled with candy, chocolate, and small gifts inside.

Not long after that, maybe because Anthony and I were so noisy, Dad woke up to light the fireplace, went out into the snow and fed the horses. And the mother prepares a special breakfast with a special beverage - Eggnog. Grandparents from far-away cities will visit their homes, have breakfast together, then start opening "Santa" gifts.

I don't remember how old I was when I knew that Santa really is a mother. I love Christmas, the feeling of giving gifts to everyone I love makes me happy many times more than the recipient. Mom started buying presents for Christmas in June. My old house has 17 rooms. She hid presents in unused rooms where I didn't dare to go in for fear of ghosts and spiders.

It was so long ago that I forgot what Christmas really is. Since then, I've put Christmas in a corner of my heart. And in many articles, I also declared war on Christmas. I have exposed many organizations that just want to take advantage of Christmas as an opportunity to drive people's minds, or to find ways to get money out of your pocket. During the Christmas season, I turned into a stone, feeling no more.

Recently, I rediscovered its meaning even though it was obscured by bad things. It camouflages, hides me, is buried deep in trade, consumption and many customs from religion. I waded deep enough into the "disliked" pool, until today, the first year I was going to celebrate my Christmas party at home, I felt sorry for ignoring it, feeling sorry for my mother.

I love Christmas more than anyone else, I know it but I have never understood why. I didn't care how Mom felt these days. I remove Christmas from my life, ignoring it for years.

It sounds strange, how can a Westerner hate Christmas? It is like a Vietnamese who hates Tet, very rare. But I hate consumerism, and the pragmatic aspects of holidays. I have once dared to criticize the negative aspects of Vietnamese Tet in this column.

But, when you focus only on the negative side of something, it grows inside you and you get excited. The part of the brain responsible for managing emotions - amygdala - will be controlled so it becomes vulnerable, always under attack.

Last week, I took a motorbike taxi from the airport to my house. The driver seemed to hate Saigon traffic as he walked and exasperatedly pointed out faults in traffic laws and drivers. However, I realized he was too focused on it. Even while driving very slowly and carefully, he could not take his eyes off the mistakes of those around him. And then a young man accidentally ran close, colliding us down the road. My driver went crazy, swore repeatedly, took off his helmet and threatened the young man with his life. He swung his helmet almost to hit my head. The young man was so scared, quickly moved away. The driver chased near a kilometer, swearing in anger.

I just sat calmly and realized that, if you focus too much on negativity, it will eat you. The driver can't even control himself. The focus on negativity has become so great in the brain that it controls him.

The next day of the motorcycle accident, I sat down to think and tried to find the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is a few days in the middle of winter, near the winter solstice day. In my opinion this is not accidental. Legend has it that in the cold and harsh northern countries, food was not easily preserved, could not be imported, it was such a harsh existence that many people died. As the longest night drew near, the winter drew back, hope began. The first original Christmas was the celebration of the hardest time of winter. In Western films and stories, the true meaning of Christmas is the Christmas spirit. Each story about Christmas has a common feature is that the main character finds out what has been lost after focusing too much on vices, or engrossed in making money and giving up the true feelings around him. The real answer to the meaning of Christmas is: Love.

For nearly 10 years I have lived in Vietnam and have not been back to Canada, every Christmas nearly 14,000 km from my family, my mother still sends me a gift. That is love. Pure and simple, love for your family, for your friends. It's a celebration of love, unfortunately wrapped in customs from so many religions, including cultural customs, that value can easily be forgotten.

And I finally understood. All that is not good is just an obstacle for us to overcome, or grab it and ignore as we grow older. Christmas is the love deep in your heart, is a celebration of love with life, loved ones and everyone.

The good news is that even when you have closed your heart from it, you can always love again. For me, it was one more time falling in love with Christmas.

Jesse Peterson
(Originally in Vietnamese)
Chi tiết